Link Building Buddy Review


Link Building Buddy is a new SEO tool that helps you build links in the easiest possible way, without needing a lot of time, a lot of knowledge or a lot of experience to do a good job. It is so easy to use that if you know how to switch on a computer, you know how to operate Link Building Buddy. If you still ponder why one should buy this type of tool, you may need to do some SEO reading. Just go to a few of the most authoritative resources in the industry and read what they have to say about the new way of doing SEO. You’ll see that links still rule, but only when they are acquired in the smart way, with very little chances to be detected as unnatural. You’ll also see that social media and being part of a community gained a lot in importance, so they are now factors that may influence search engine rankings quite a lot.

How Is Link Building Buddy Better Than Similar Tools?


Unlike other tools, Link Building Buddy only requires the user to fill in the details of the link such as the URL and the description, everything else being automatically generated by the system. After that, by following the directions on the screen, the user can browse through all texts in the fields, revise them and make the necessary correction, if that’s the case.

If you had a chance to use other mass submission tools, you may know how hard it is to learn the way of using them properly, in order to get maximum of effectiveness without making any costly mistakes. Link Building Buddy lives up to its name: it is your best buddy in the link building endeavor and it will help you achieve your goals without having to spend hundreds of hours in front of your computer screen, filling up forms after forms and clicking on hundreds of confirmation messages. Things can be done faster, so if you want to be productive and compete with the pros, you need to consider using a little help from tools like Link Building Buddy.

The best thing about Link Building Buddy is that it is conceived in such a way that it can determine the optimal balance of keywords as anchor texts, in order to avoid penalties. Theory says the primary keyword shouldn’t show up in anchor texts more often than 5%-10%, the brand name should appear about 30% of the time and the URL about 20% of the time. You also need anchors like “click here” or “visit us now”, so that everything appears as natural as possible for search engines. Link Building Buddy is able to set all thee parameters, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong percentages that could get you penalized by Google or other search engines.

How Easy It Is To Learn the Secrets of Link Building Buddy?

This tool is very easy to learn because it comes with a very detailed tutorials page. Everything you may want to know is described there in details, so it is enough to read it carefully and you’ll become a knowledgeable user of Link Building Buddy in a very short time. You’ll learn exactly what to put in each field in the submission form in order to get the desired outcome.

The submission form is very clearly structured, so it’s very clear where you need to enter the information that will go into building your forum profiles, where to enter the details for directory submissions and where to put the text for the article submission section of the software. This is how you can make sure all output from the system will be just perfect, without flaws that may lead to you being detected and banned from discussion forums or blogs.

How much time can one save with Link Building Buddy?

If you think that finding all those forums in your niche could mean at least one day of research, you may start to perceive the value of such a tool. Take into account that it would probably take you 5-10 minutes to build a profile on each of those forums, multiply this time by the number of forums you need to establish an active presence on and you’ll see one lifetime may not be enough to handle all these properly.

How Expensive It Is To Get Such A Help?

Link Building Buddy is cheaper than many other similar tools on the market. You can get a lifetime license for $44.99 or an annual license for only $17.99. As you can see, it is not very expensive, so you could probably go at least for the annual license, if you don’t trust the app to do a great SEO job. These prices will go up from April 1st, so you need to hurry up if you want to save some cash. The good part is that the software comes with a 7 day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied, you can simply ask for a reimbursement. Link Building Buddy is available in two versions: mobile and desktop.

Building links manually is a good method to make them pass as natural, but if you can use a tool that helps you achieve the same effect hundreds of times faster, why wouldn’t you use it and do something else in the spare time?